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The lotus seed is a special product of Guangchang County, Jiangxi Province. The 1500-year-old "Guangchang White Lotus" is a kind of high-quality fruit produced in the lotus root after the lotus root blooms in Guangchang. The "space lotus" refers to the seeds of "Guangchang White Lotus" carried on a spacecraft and irradiated by space particles during space operation, resulting in mutations in genetic DNA in lotus seed cells. The selected good variety is called Space Lotus. The history of "Guangchang White Lotus" has a long history. According to the "Guangchang County Chronicle" of the Qing Dynasty in China, the people of Guangchang began to plant white lotus in the Tang Dynasty 1300 years ago. It has extraordinary edible and medicinal value, and is listed as the "Gonglian" used by tribute emperors throughout the dynasties and dynasties. "Guangchang White Lotus" is known as "Treasures of Lotus" because of its large roundness, whiteness like curd, and sweet fragrance.
The production of space lotus is very high and the price is also very high, but lotus farmers have not dared to plant too much. Since 1300, the processing of lotus seeds has been purely manual, and the efficiency is extremely low. During the peak period of lotus seeds, the lotus seeds picked on the same day must be processed on the same day, and it will not be easy to process the next day, because the lotus seeds are kept fresh for a short time. Everyone works an average of 12 hours a day. If a person with hands and feet can process about 15 kilograms of lotus seeds, about 15 kilograms per acre per day, that is, a person can only process one acre of lotus seeds a day. Generally, it is necessary at peak times. Stay up late until late, although Guangchang has a long history of planting lotuses, the way to process fresh lotus seeds is still artificial.
The lotus seed peeling machine was successfully developed by my two brothers after 8 years. The experience was not only tortuous, but also sweet and bitter.
Things have to start when I went to junior high school. When I was in junior high school, my classmates liked to spread newspapers on the table. It felt cleaner, and I was no exception. I would inevitably look at the newspapers on the table when I was bored. What I wrote above, I found a message in a small box. It probably means that someone can invent a machine for processing lotus seeds, because lotus seeds are not only processed by human hands, but also have many procedures. The first step is to pick the lotus seeds from the lotus seeds. Scoop out the lotus root, then use a knife to cut the shell of the lotus seed, then peel the shell, and then peel the thin skin inside, pierce the core, and finally dry. These processes are the most difficult to peel. After reading the news, there was an impulse in my heart. I wonder if I can invent this machine? So I started thinking about it, thinking about it for many days, without a glance, and finally slowly forgot about it. Due to financial constraints at home next semester, I will stay at home to help my parents work. My brother opened a car repair shop in the town. Due to the sluggish business, the shop closed in less than six months. The repair tools were also moved back home. It was around June 2000. When I returned home, I remembered to invent the lotus seed machine. Before I came back, I made a part that I did n’t know what it was because I did n’t know how to use it. What I think is completely different from what I made. After watching it, I laughed at the so-called parts I made. After laughing, I talked about the current situation of lotus seed processing. The hard work of peeling the lotus seeds reminded me of cutting rice in the daytime when I was a kid, peeling the lotus seeds late at night, and holding the lotus seeds in my hand to doze. It happened that my brother had a child My dream is to be an inventor like Edison, so I hit it off one by one and decided to make this machine. Of course, it was just an idea and no confidence.
年,我们做了第一台专门割壳的,所有的材料都是用木板,包括传动的齿轮,没有数据,没有计算,做零件就是凭感觉,齿轮是用木锯锯出来的,结果根本不会咬合,机体用钉子丁,摇摆不定,再加上原理不行,最后以失败告终。 In 2001, we made the first cut special case, all the materials are made of wood, including gear, there is no data, no calculation is the seat of your pants to make parts, wood saw sawing gear is out, the result of fundamental Does not bite, the body uses nails, swaying, plus the principle is not working, and finally ends in failure. At this time, the most important thing in life is to help parents.
In 2002, although it failed the previous year, it did not hurt us, because it did not hold much hope. When we do things every day, we think of the machine in our minds, and tell each other if we have any good ideas, and discuss together, that is, in this year, we determined the overall structure of the machine, cut the shell, peeled it, and peeled it. The movements are linked together, and the soul of this machine, the peeling device, was a long time of meditation in my brother. Suddenly, I got an inspiration. I thought of using high pressure water to wash the lotus skin. After we got home, we could n’t wait to spray the pesticide on the fruit tree Shake the machine and lift it out, one person desperately shakes the machine, one person holds the homemade water gun in one hand, and the lotus seed in one hand, and rushes when the water pressure is very high. The experimental results are very ideal, the skin can be washed very clean, and it will not Rotten lotus seeds. After that, we all had a common idea in mind. The machine for peeling lotus seeds will surely succeed, which is also the backing we have been able to persist.
Although the principle is determined, it is not so simple to complete this action. After some discussion, the plan is basically determined. A prototype, the body, wheels, and shaft materials are all made of wood. How can the wheels not be round? The shaft is not straight, the tools are woodworking, and there are some electric drills, grinders that repair the car, the machine is not driven by the motor, and it is shaken by hand. Very funny things happened during the experiment. The lotus seeds placed in the machine worked. Afterwards I did n’t know where I was rushed by the water gun. I found the lotus seed all over the ground, but it was actually several meters away. The biggest achievement of this year was to peel the first lotus seed with the machine, only one was peeled off. We took this one. Lotus seed, this is the first lotus seed peeled out by a machine in the world! Although there is only one, it proves that it is absolutely possible to peel lotus seeds by machine. For us both, it means a lot.
In 2003, my brother and others opened a repair shop in partnership. I was an apprentice there. The purpose was to change the environment and earn a little more money. When I opened the shop, it was not as good as I thought, because the business was so good that I did n’t have time to think about it. What kind of machine, I just used a spare part of the car to make a small prototype of the special leather, just because of this matter, I was unhappy with that partner, and took the prototype home, not long My brother also had a conflict with him, and the result was unhappy, and it was July when we got home. We were not in a good mood because of the unhappy opening of the store, but occasionally we did some small experiments. By September, it was unpleasant. Things went faint, we started doing our own thing again, experimenting. The funny thing was that the machine did not start when it was lifted to the test place, and there was a problem, and it was brought back, every time. The stress in my heart is getting bigger day by day, because the seasonality of lotus seeds is too strong. When there are no lotus seeds, I can only think about it and cannot experiment. When the lotus seeds were about to end this year, we had a small harvest. We peeled 16 lotus seeds in succession with a machine. At that time, we felt that we had succeeded, and we were very happy, but we could n’t do it later. I don't know what's going on.
In 2004, we contracted the reservoir in the village to raise fish, so that our time can be controlled by ourselves and we can make money. The money in this is not for the two of us to make machines, but for the family. We ourselves The money I need to rely on me to carry a battery to the field to fish in the evening, on average, I can get about 15 yuan per night. My brother has time to travel to help others repair the car, and if he earns, he will buy some tools and materials. We realized that we should have our own laboratory. In the past, we used to be in our own room or house, so we renovated a pigsty that was about to collapse. Although it was very short and narrow, it was In my two worlds, overtime at noon and evening will not affect parents' rest. This year I made a better prototype. This one uses electric motors as power. Most of the parts are still wood, only some small parts. It was made of iron. Before the lotus seeds came out, the two of us made a lot of preparations and designed a lot of plans. But when there were lotus seeds, they were rejected. At this time, we were under the greatest pressure and the plan was gone. In the past, every day I had machines in my mind, thinking about sleeping, thinking about eating, thinking about cutting grass, and thinking about the way home by bike. At this time, I really realized how much Einstein was devoted to thinking. It's just that he didn't forget his way home like he did. As soon as we have any plan, let one person do it at home and the other one to cut the grass, so as not to starve the fish. After waking up every morning, we will ride the bike to mow the grass early, and we will return at about 10 o'clock. At noon, people take a rest. We do our work until 4 pm before we can reach the door and ride to the mowing place. We still have to discuss it for a long time before we start. After dinner, it ’s really the meal is still there. Chew in your mouth, go to the laboratory, turn on the radio, and do things while listening to the radio, which is the same every day. Sometimes I find it a pleasure, because I spend a lot of time doing things I like every day, but generally I have less fun and more failures, sometimes I have done parts for several days, and I have failed without experiments, sometimes in succession Our failure caused us to feel a fear of it in our hearts, and we dared not go to the laboratory again, and dared not think about it. The thought of the machine would be very uncomfortable, and we would have an indescribable sense of decadence and depression. I will blame myself for being so useless, so stupid, and the limited time has passed, but the machine has not progressed. This self-blame heart is constantly tormenting us. This feeling will be remembered for a lifetime, although it is difficult to bear, but Unwilling to give up, never thought about giving up, I feel that success is ahead, I have even seen it, but I ca n’t touch it. After 2 to 3 days of decadence and depression, I will force myself to think, force myself into a short and narrow laboratory, and there are many problems waiting almost every day, but in this way, the problems are solved little by little. We technically solved many problems in 1949, and the pressure was never greater than before. People in the village heard that our machine can peel lotus seeds, and a group of people brought a few baskets to peel them. It ’s like being bitten by a mouse and being gnawed by a worm. Although this is the case, everyone is surprised that the lotus seeds can actually be peeled by a machine. You know, before this, people in the village heard that we could not do this. Moreover, we have not graduated from junior high school. In their eyes, we are playing as children, and even our parents often splash our cold water. People in the village always ask us, "Why do you young people raise fish at home instead of working outside?" We just smiled and couldn't answer. In fact, we are very eager for the flower world outside, but now we have tried this machine from the beginning, and now it has become our own responsibility, a mission. On the other hand, if we give up, we ourselves What else can be done successfully? I believe it will be abandoned halfway this time and will leave a shadow that can never be erased in the future, not to mention we will not give up, never thought about it. Although many problems have been solved this year, they are far from our ideal machine. But this year's fish farming was good. I made 10,000 yuan. This money is not ours.
In 2005, the two of us felt that the machine was unstable because many parts were made of wood. So I decided to change the wood to steel material, so I used all the savings to buy materials at the county waste steel purchase station in the first month. I planned to make the machine at home, mowing the grass, and when the lotus seeds were picked, the machine also did It ’s almost the same. In this year, my family also planted an acre of lotus land for the convenience of the experiment. There is no need to ask others for lotus seeds. As we think, it is more stable than last year. In addition, we have improved some control devices. From the beginning, people in the village took lotus seeds to peel it every day. The machine was actually unstable and would break down at any time. Basically, they looked at the machine with a wrench in their hands and even peeled it when it was broken. There was no time for repairs because the village People ca n’t peel their own lotus seeds, so they forced me to sulphur. In fact, the peeling effect is not very good, and there are a lot of peeling, but they still do, because the speed of this machine can reach 10 people. At the peak of lotus seed picking, sometimes it is difficult to take care of the high bids, so although this machine is only a test machine, it has become a treasure for everyone. Once, someone outside the town heard that I had a machine to peel the lotus seeds, and I used a car carrying more than 200 kilograms. He had spent several nights at home to peel the lotus seeds. As a result, he used about one alone. It was only stripped in the morning, and everyone else was complaining. At this moment, I was thinking that this machine is really unsatisfactory. It is always broken and clean, so I feel very blame. I blame myself for being useless. There is a kind of saying in my heart. As long as I feel ashamed, I feel a sense of responsibility. We must let these lotus farmers use the machine and stop worrying about lotus seed processing. It hasn't improved much this year and later. It has been peeling lotus seeds, and only some materials have been changed in the later period. In general, there has been progress. Peeling lotus seeds also made more than a thousand dollars, but the fish was not good enough.
In 2006, we had some new ideas. We want to change the machine to a dual machine, which can peel the lotus seeds on both sides at the same time. This saves material and doubles the speed. There is no change in structure, but the failure is that the dual machine does not. Single machine is easy to repair, and the effect of single machine is not good. Basically, dual machine is not very useful. It is still only a single machine. As last year, basically it is to help others peel the lotus seeds. It is much better to peel the lotus seeds. It is also more stable. The quality of the peeled lotus seeds should basically meet the requirements, that is, the conveyor belt needs to be changed every day, and the belt is made every day. This year, we have determined that this machine has succeeded, but it has not succeeded at all. The feeling is the same as before, and I feel very ordinary. At the beginning, I always imagined that when I succeeded, I would be very, very happy, but how can I not feel it now, the most memorable in my heart is the decadence after failure. And the sense of depression, and the sense of fear of the machine, really fulfilled another sentence: one thing is not the result of the thing, but the process. What we remember is this bitter and bitter process. As for the feeling of success, I do n’t remember it. I spent the year in the process of peeling lotus seeds for others, and the fish were generally raised. There is no first year. it is good. I thought I had done the machine successfully, and I was done, I was happy, but I was wrong. How to promote it? Go to your door? I do n’t know, so I am sad. Of course, there are still some problems with the machine that need to be improved. All of them are problems, and my head hurts again.
In 2007, we decided to make three more machines. Even if we could n’t promote them all at once, we would make a few more machines to help others to peel off lotus seeds to make money. In the first place, we can put in new ideas. In the second, we can make some money. Lotus is very profitable. All three materials are made of scrap steel. None of the parts on the machine are machined with a lathe or a milling machine. The shaft is a simple so-called lathe car designed and manufactured by itself. When encountering processing problems, it is solved by earth. For example, the belt pulley uses steel bars. Like a master ironsmith, hitting it out is to use the most economical way anyway, but it takes a lot of time. It took about 2,000 yuan to get the three sets. In fact, they were replaced with time. If you want to use the current machining, it may cost tens of thousands of yuan. This year, I put two machines in my aunt's house and three machines in my house. The purpose is to make money, and it is also a kind of publicity. This year, I have stopped raising fish, and I planted 4 acres of lotus seeds at home. The machine is not very stable, old and bad, especially the conveyor belt is not durable, and it will be worn out in two days. Anyway, I earn more than 10,000 yuan in 3 months, and people are very tired. I have to stay up until 12 o'clock every day, or even later. Sometimes I tell myself that I do n’t make this money, I ’m too tired. Now, if other people will not come to peel the lotus seeds the next day, I will thank them, but that is impossible. Some people are afraid of queuing up, so they rush to the door early, even at 3 am. We applied for a patent at the end of the year.
In 2008, no one came to buy a patent in the previous year, and there is no way to do it, so we still use the method of the previous year to make money by peeling lotus seeds from the machine. While improving the machine, we planted nearly 25 acres of lotus seeds at the same time. The owner of a machinery factory in the neighboring county found us, because his place is Guangchang County, the hometown of Bailian. After inspection, he felt that it was okay, so we hit it off and we worked together to develop this machine. This result, which took us 8 years, can finally be brought to the market, bringing convenience to every lotus family. This is the ultimate wish of our brothers.
After these 8 years of struggle, my deepest insight is: "We can not be smart, but once we have identified the goal, we must persist to the end, we cannot give up, as long as we persist, there will be success, and difficulties in the middle are necessary. This is normal, as long as you do n’t give up, do it with your heart, sum up the experience from failure, there is nothing you ca n’t do. Some people always ask successful people what the secret of success is. I think people who think that success depends on the secret Will never succeed ".