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On August 26, 2012, the CCTV "I Love Invention" column reported our company's machine invention

CCTV interviewed our company's lotus peeler invention project video URL http://kejiao.cntv.cn/C24907/classpage/video/20120826/100760.shtml

Main content of this show:

Invention item: Fresh lotus seed peeling and peeling machine,

Inventor: Cao Zhiqiang:

Guangchang County, located in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, is a famous hometown of white lotuses in China. Every time the lotus seeds are harvested in the late summer and early autumn, the lotus farmers are busy, and everywhere in the lotus pond, they can pick up the lotus. In order to process fresh lotus seeds in time without delay in selling, lotus farmers often have to work overnight, coupled with simple tools, low efficiency, and hard work.

Cao Zhiqiang was familiar with the hardships of lotus farmers since he was a child, so he and his brother invented a lotus peeling machine that can replace manual labor.

(I love inventions No. 171 of 2012)

     The company undertakes order-type production. Due to the long production cycle of the product and the strong seasonality of lotus seeds, customers are kindly requested to come to the company to make reservations in advance.

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