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All employees of Xinglian Machinery in Xiamen

10 16 日及 18 日赴福建厦门 3 日旅游。 In order to enrich the cultural life of the company's employees, further enhance the team spirit, promote mutual understanding between various departments, and improve the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, our company organized all employees to travel to Xiamen , Fujian, for three days on October 16th and 18th . 3 天特别难忘而有意义的休闲旅游活动。 After visiting Xiamen's natural and cultural landscapes, everyone spent a happy 3 days with a particularly memorable and meaningful leisure tourism activity. The beauty of Xiamen or the blue sky, the cloud of deep forest green or coconut palms, and the strangeness of the stones, these beautiful scenery left a beautiful impression and made people linger.

During the tour, everyone obeyed the instructions of tour guides and tour leaders to travel together and help each other. According to the itinerary, everyone visited the scenic areas such as the sea sailing boat, Nanputuo Temple, Gulangyu Island, and Hulishan Fort. They experienced the pleasant sea life firsthand, witnessed the vast blue sea and blue sky, experienced the local customs, and fully felt comfortable. Tourism leisure life.

Through this trip to Xiamen, everyone not only experienced the beautiful scenery of Xiamen, enjoyed the joy and relaxation of travel, but also felt the company's warmth and care.

This tour is an interactive activity aimed at enhancing the cohesion and friendship between the entire group of the company as a starting point for everyone to cultivate their mood, let their minds fly, hone their will and appreciate the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland. The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of people-oriented development and service-oriented creation of benefits, hoping to build a career platform for each employee so that everyone can fully enjoy their own charm on this stage. This tour not only relieved the daily work pressure of the company's employees, but also cultivated their sentiments, improved their self-cultivation, and further strengthened team cohesion. Everyone will be devoted to future work with higher enthusiasm.