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Lotus farmer picks up heat in the busy season of 2019

Right now, it is the busy season for picking lotus seeds in central China. The lotus tents picked by the farmers' brothers need to be peeled, shelled, peeled, and dried. Previously, they were made by hand with very low efficiency, and the family could not plant a few acres of fields.

Guangchang Xinglian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is now located in Qingshui Village Industrial Park, Guangchang County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Based on independent innovation and research and development of new products, the company specializes in the production of strong military brand lotus seed peeling and peeling all-in-one machines. After a long time of improving the mechanical process of the lotus seed machine, the current lotus seed machine can be fully automated without the need for us to manually The processing of one by one has greatly improved the work efficiency. Since the advent of the lotus seed machine, it has gradually been recognized by the majority of users and has been widely used.

Bustling "shadows" of Xinglian lotus seeds can be seen everywhere in Liannong's house.